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A utility for web developers, to Encrypt and Protect their Web...

A utility for web developers, to Encrypt and Protect their Web Documents ( i. e ASP, PHP, JSP, JS, HTML,VBS ), making it difficult to view/copy the web document source.

It Also includes an easy way to Password Protect your HTML files using MD5 or SHA -1 technologies. (The password list is embedded into the archive, if it were to be viewed it.

It would be hashed (i. e scrambled) and cannot be reversed to original form). By Password Protecting the web documents, it would prevent anybody from viewing your Web Document without the proper USERNAME/PASSWORD!

. This is great for download pages or tutorials where you want to restrict access to only paying customers or verified subscribers. Another feature is Compression, the HTML contents are dynamically uncompressed when viewed, ensuring your customers get the webpage as soon as possible without affecting it`s functionality or viewing.

Unlike similar products on the market, the converted HTML files are stored in compressed state, saving space and bandwidth. 1 2 3 Web Protect has been tested to work on any modern operation system like Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows XP.

In other words, it converts a typical; 350k HTML file -> 16k HTML file (approx) With the same functionality of your original html document, while protecting your web art work and contents from thieves.

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1 2 3 Web Protect


1 2 3 Web Protect 1.9 DELTA

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